Using Teacher Amazon Wish Lists to Show Appreciation

With August mostly behind us, most teachers and families are in major back-to-school mode, with school about to begin for many districts (and having already begun in some). For teachers, this means making sure they’re stocked with all the items they need to get through the school year.

With school districts across the nation having various abilities to provide teachers with everything they wish for, it is often teachers who use their own money to supplement the materials provided by the school district. Many of the classroom supplies they use on an everyday basis must be purchased outside of school funds. 

For this reason it has become popular for teachers to create wish lists on sites like Amazon that include items and supplies that will make a difference in their classroom. Once items are purchased, Amazon ships the item directly to the school (or the teacher’s home). 

If you are a teacher, using such a wish list is a great way to show alumni what you need most. You’ll find that many alumni are happy to help their old teachers out.

Here is a quick overview of the process:

  • Sign into your personal Amazon account
  • Hover over the “accounts and lists” option in the top right, under your name, and click “create a list” on the left side of the hover menu
  • Under the “this list is for” drop-down, click “you”
  • In the list type options, select “wish list”
  • Type in the name of your list
  • Under “privacy,” set the list to “public” to ensure anyone interested in contributing can see your list
  • Under “recipient name,” place your name

It’s that simple! Once you’ve completed this process you have a new Amazon wish list you can fill with items you need for your classroom. To add items to your list, search Amazon for products you want, go to the product page and select the “add to list” drop down menu, choosing your classroom wish list.

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