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Alumni Nations connects you to your most valuable resource, your alumni! We are trusted K-12 alumni engagement experts, providing solutions through best-in-class services and software that enhances relationships and successful outcomes.

Our Solutions and Partnership

We help you find and engage your alumni to expand the reach of your current strategies, and establish new ones that result in positive outcomes for you, your alumni, and community. Our alumni engagement focus areas are:

Finding Alumni: We help you find your alumni, update their records, and fill in missing data.

Philanthropy: We help you increase your financial support in ways that are meaningful to your donors and are aligned to our mission and strategic goals.

Volunteerism: We help you to find and align volunteers with rewarding roles that are endorsed by you and your alumni.

Experiential: We help you provide meaningful experiences that inspire alumni, are valued by you, promote your mission, celebrate your achievements, and strengthen your reputation.

Communications: In addition to your alumni focused website, we help you develop your story and enhance your mission through interactive and informative communication plans. This enables you to own your narrative with your alumni and community.

Operations: Our database is powerful, saving you time and effort in managing thousands of new alumni relationships. The database also allows your alumni to manage their own contact data, further saving you time and effort.


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