Clients We Serve

We provide a meaningful partnership approach to the clients we serve. The high schools, education foundations, and school districts we work with trust us to walk side-by-side with them as they build their engagement strategies and transform their schools. No matter the size of your district, team, or community we are able to meet you where you are at and work to build your nation from there, igniting passion in your alumni!

Alumni Nations helps our clients to engage millions of alumni across the nation! Below hear what some of our amazing clients have to say. 

For client references in your area, please contact us. 

"What I value most about Alumni Nations is the knowledge they bring to the table. They have given us a conceptual framework for engaging with alumni more effectively, and an engine to do that. They are very accessible and have a commitment to helping us succeed." Damian Lacroix, Superintendent, Howard- Suamico School District
"In today's world, you must have access to the data and you need email addresses. So, unless you've done a phenomenal job of collecting email addresses, where are you going to get that data file? I'm, definitely a fan of Alumni Nations." Nancy Jennings, Executive Director, Farmington/Farminton Hills Education Foundation
"Before, we had nothing: No concentrated effort to maintain an alumni databases after graduation. Now, with Alumni Nations' help, we have more than 18,000 alumni in our database- and we've recruited more than 3,600 supporters in the last year and half." Chris Vanderheyden, Superintendent, Menasha Joint School District