Tips for Discussing Planned Giving

Whether it’s an alumni association or any other kind of cause or charitable organization that’s important for you, your involvement with fundraising for that organization can include curating planned giving prospects.

It can be a challenging subject to broach, but we have a few tips that can help you discuss the opportunity with your prospects. 

  • Always express gratitude: This may seem obvious but is so critical. Every time you have a conversation about planned giving and donations, make sure you share gratitude that they are taking the time to discuss this subject and share something you’re passionate about, even before they give or if they don’t end up giving.
  • Tell stories: Data and statistics are not particularly effective at motivating people to give. Outcomes and stories should be the focus of your ask. 
  • Use a variety of channels: While social media blasts might work for awareness, you should use more personal forms of communication when talking about planned gifts. Phone calls and in person meetings will go a long way to build the kind of meaningful relationship needed to cultivate planned gifts. 
  • Offer other ways to get involved: You can reduce the pressure to give financially by also showing other ways to get involved. Gifts can often ladder up so giving smaller ways to get involved can be a great part of the process. This can include volunteering for or helping raise awareness about the organization.
  • Be sure to follow up: Planned gifts definitely do not come from a single ask. Often donors will start with small gifts and through follow up and relationship building, often over years, you can grow gifts to larger asks.
  • Be patient: planned giving is a huge decision and can take a long time to decide on. Be patient in the process!

For more tips about talking about donations and planned giving, contact us at Alumni Nations!

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