Show Your Alumni Some Love!

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy building up an alumni association, but you’re finding ti difficult to get your members as engaged as you’d like them to be. Why is this?

When lack of engagement is an issue, one of the most common reasons is that you’re asking too much out of your members, and not giving enough back in return.

Before you ask your members to contribute their time, talent or money to your association, you should be able to answer what’s in it for them, and make sure your organization is doing everything you can to show them some love at every opportunity. Members are much more likely to be engaged when they know their efforts will be rewarded and appreciated.

So what can you do to provide some value to your members, before you start asking them for more? Here are some ideas:

  • Send thank yous: This is the simplest tip on this list, but also one of the most effective. Some simple gratitude goes a long way in showing your members just how much they’re appreciated. A handwritten thank you note after a member donates to your organization or volunteers their time will be very much appreciated by them, and shows your own gratitude for their contributions.
  • Offer membership rewards or giveaways: If you’re going to have a tiered membership system, make sure that each tier has increasingly attractive incentives. This could include some alumni apparel or gear, tickets to school events or alumni association events, recognition in publications or other giveaway items your members might enjoy. 
  • Provide useful features: Make sure you emphasize to your current and prospective members the useful features that come with membership. For Alumni Nations associations this includes access to alumni databases, fast and easy information about volunteer opportunities within the district, and a newsletter that keeps members updated about events and opportunities.
  • Organize fun events: Alumni events shouldn’t just be for raising funds; they should have a focus on creating a fun atmosphere for people to come back to their hometown, reconnect with other alumni and have a blast. When people have a great time at these events it makes them want to be more engaged with the organization in general.

What are you waiting for? Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit and find a way to show your alumni some love today!

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