Make Sure Your Freshmen Know About Your Alumni Association!

The new school year is underway, which means there’s a brand new opportunity for your alumni association to connect with students. The best way to establish long-term success for your organization is to make sure you have a presence in the schools and that current students are well aware that your organization exists. 

So what are some of the steps you can take to make sure students know about your alumni association from the time they’re entering the building as new freshmen?

Here are a few ideas.

  • Postcards: Consider working with the school to place postcards or flyers in all freshmen lockers advertising the alumni association and the kind of work it does for the school community.
  • Emails: Have school administration send out emails about your alumni association, or have them include information about your organization’s events and activities in various roundups that get sent out to students.
  • Home room introductions: Consider going in to freshman home rooms to talk about the alumni association and the kind of impact your high school years had on you. Freshmen tend to be excited to be starting this new phase of their lives, so it’s a good time to hit them with this messaging.
  • Social media: Establish a strong presence on social media, not just on Facebook, but on places where younger audiences are hanging out, like Instagram or even TikTok.
  • Be present: Have an organizational presence at school events. When current students see you constantly present and involved, they’re much more likely to get involved when they become alumni themselves.

For more tips, contact us at Alumni Nations!

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