Introducing Your Alumni Association to Current Students

One of the best ways to spread awareness of and raise interest in your alumni association is to make sure current students are informed about the organization long before they graduate.

The most successful alumni organizations have a constant involvement in their school district so that by the time students graduate, they know exactly what the benefits are of becoming involved in their alumni organization and how to register.

Plus, the easiest time to convince an alumnus to join an association is within the first year after they graduate. The more time and distance between them and their alma mater, the harder it can be to get them to sign up.

Here are a few tips to introduce your alumni association to current students.

  • Have a physical presence: Get involved at the school throughout the year, and have a presence at major events. Be there for Homecoming. Have informational booths at school events, such as athletic contests, concerts and performances. The more students get used to seeing you around, the more likely they will have an interest in joining when they graduate.
  • Use email: Most school districts assign students a school email address, where they will receive information from their teachers, administration and coaches. Consider sending occasional updates and information about what the alumni organization is doing. 
  • Focus on seniors: Throughout the year, consider targeting seniors with your email or social media campaigns. Be involved in various graduation-related activities, and consider a scholarship to get your alumni organization’s name prominently involved in commencement activities. As seniors sign up, make sure to get an email address from them that is unique from their school email. 
  • Welcome freshmen: You can ensure immediate awareness of your organization by making it a point to welcome freshmen as soon as they arrive to high school. Consider sponsoring freshman welcome activities, or having informational booths at freshman orientation. Although they may not be able to sign up yet, knowing you exist early on will help drive membership when senior graduation time comes around! 

Simply put, the best way to spread awareness of your organization among current students is to be involved and to give back to them. When active students see a group of alumni who still have passion in their alma mater and want to make a difference, it can be inspiring. 

How are you going to get your organization more involved in your school district this year?

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