How to Approach Sponsors for Your Alumni Association

Every nonprofit organization can benefit from sponsors, whether they’re ongoing sponsorships or sponsors of individual events. This includes alumni associations. Many organizations can benefit from outside funding beyond memberships to put on events and special programs they would like to run.

With so much on everyone's current plates, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to make time to procure sponsorships. We’ve listed some tips for how you can find and approach sponsors for your alumni association and its events. 

  • Consider their ability to donate: Depending on the size or type of business, their ability to sponsor your organization might be limited. Particularly small businesses, for example, might only be able to contribute small items or coupons to events, but other, larger businesses or businesses of certain types might have more financial resources at their disposal. Consider the needs of your organization and adjust your ask based on the business you’re approaching.
  • Start local: Local businesses are more likely to have close ties to your school and organization, so you should consider starting there, as the odds of a “yes” are higher. 
  • Connect with alumni business owners: If you know any alumni who own businesses in your area, consider asking them for a sponsorship. Their own personal connection to the school (and possibly to your organization) will increase the odds of a sponsorship.
  • Sponsor specific things: While general organizational sponsorships are highly beneficial, you might find more success in securing sponsorships for your organization if you give them something specific they will be supporting. This could include a class reunion, an upcoming event or even your organization’s alumni database. 
  • Have something to offer in return: You will be more likely to lure in sponsors if you give them something in return, or show the ROI of their sponsorship clearly. Put their name on your event advertisements, list them on your website as a sponsor, give them free admission to your events, etc. Whatever you can feasibly provide at little or no cost that will encourage them to become sponsors, you should investigate.

Looking for more tips about how you can attract sponsors for your alumni association? Contact us today at Alumni Nations!

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