Choosing the Right Social Media Channels for Your Audience

Social media outreach is a great way to connect with alumni from your district, but if you’re not careful, creating that content can turn into a much larger job than you bargained for!

To reduce the pressure on whoever is taking care of social media, it’s important for you to limit your outreach to the places you know your audience is likely to be. You might be surprised at where your audience tunes in the most!

So rather than automatically signing up for every single social media platform, what are some steps you can take for a more focused approach? Here are a few tips.

Survey your audience

Your email newsletter is a great way for you to connect with your audience about which social platforms they use the most. Send out a simple poll that gives them the option to choose their most-used platforms from a list that should include all the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn being the most important.

Post consistently

Once you’ve heard from your audience about where they like to “hang out” digitally, you should put some consistent effort into creating content on those platforms. Post regularly, and interact with your audience rather than just posting content at them. 

Success on social requires consistency and commitment, so make sure to give it a legitimate effort if you hope to create engagement on those channels!

Consider who you’re targeting

The approach you take on different social channels will likely vary. You may wish to have a presence on all the big social platforms, but you shouldn’t simply share the exact same content on each one.

Facebook can be a more casual platform aimed at a wide range of audiences. Older people are more likely to be on Facebook than any other platform, so this can be an effective way to reach out to them.

Instagram is highly visual and generally populated by younger audiences, so this will likely be your most effective tool for connecting with recent alumni.

If you want to connect with alumni who are career-focused and well-connected, LinkedIn and Twitter may be your best bets.

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